On stage

Talks, panels, and moderator assignments


2017-12-11, Faith – IP and Investments in Games, Stockholm, Sweden
Launch event of the report Faith (in Swedish here)

2017-11-28, International Video Game Summit, ESA/Ukie, London, UK
Part of the panel “Promoting the Game”.

2017-11-09, Linköping Game Conference, Linköping, Sweden
Moderator of the Science Track.

2017-10-21, Fråga, Prata, Spela, Sweden Game Festival, Skövde, Sweden
Talk about how parents can be involved in gaming, and what to know when it comes to video games

2017-09-29, Spel är den nya boken, Bokmässan, Göteborg, Sweden
Talk about our how children read in video games, and how games can be beneficial to reading skills

2017-09-21, IP i globala innehållsproducenter, Patentdagen, Stockholm, Sweden
Talk about IP and investments in Swedish game companies.

2017-09-05, How to invest in games – valuation and intellectual property, Invest in Games, Stockholm, Sweden
Talk about our latest research study about investments in games in Sweden

2017-07-06, E-sport, spelutveckling och politik – går det ihop?, Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
Fireside chat about e-sports, game development and politics in Sweden with MEP Rickard Nordin.

2017-07-04, Vägen till läsning, Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
Panel with the Swedish Library Association about reading, games and children

2017-07-03, Medier, medborgare och Demokrati, Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
Fireside chat about video games, reading and children.

2017-06-13, Talangjakten och de svenska marginalskatterna, Svenskt Näringsliv, Stockholm, Sweden
Panel about the Swedish tax system and how to attract talented people to work in Sweden.

2017-05-26, The Video Games Industry in Mozambique and Sweden, Embassy of Sweden, Maputo, Mozambique
Workshop with young Mozambican entrepreneurs working in the ICT sector, to share experiences and ideas on the gaming industry in Maputo and Sweden

2017-05-25, The Future of Entertainment: Video Games, Moztech, Maputo, Mozambique
Keynote + Panel about the Future of Entertainment, video games, culture and media

2017-05-18, Kapitalmarknadsfrukost om det svenska spelundret, Financial Meetings Øresund, Malmö, Sweden
Panel about financing and opportunities in the Games Industry

2017-05-16, Det svenska spelundret, Connect Syd, Lund, Sweden
Talk + Panel about the Swedish Games industry at Connect Syd Annual Meeting

2017-04-23, Concert: Music from popular video games, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
Moderator of the opening event for “The Digital society” science week at Lund University 350 Jubilee. Presenter of the music and two science interviews on stage with the organisers of the week.

2017-04-20, Spelbranschen och investeringar, Företagsfabriken/Videon, Växjö, Sweden
An introduction talk about the Swedish Games Industry and its successes

2017-04-06, TMT-dagen, Bird & Bird/Epicentre, Stockholm, Sweden
Panel about E-sport, streaming and new possibilities in media

2017-03-28, Spel, kön och läsning, ReadMe Conference, Malmö, Sweden
Talk about reading in Video Games, and how games can be a rescue from social exclusion

2017-03-22, #PrataSpel, Studiefrämjandet/Arvika Kommun, Arvika, Sweden
Talk + panel about how parents can discuss games with their children, and what they should know

2017-03-17, Tech Cast om Spel, Tech Cast, Malmö, Sweden
Video Cast interview about the Games Industry

2017-03-01, Det bästa med dataspel, Jakten på Likes, Stockholm, Sweden
Podcast interview about video games, children and parents, with Jakten på Likes, a podcast by Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation.


2016-10-28, Public Support Systems/ Game Industry Support, Game Connection, Paris, France
Talk about how different state support systems in Europe affects what video games that are made in each area

2016-09-29, Dataspelsbranschen som hyresgäster – vilka är dem?, Fastighetsvärlden/Öresundsmarknaden, Malmö, Sweden
Talk about the local games industry and their growth in the Malmö area

2016-09-06, Fad or Trend?, PG Connects, Helsinki, Finland
Panel about fads and trends in the mobile games industry, moderated by Oscar Clark

2016-09-05, The Global Games Markets Power Panel, PG Connects, Helsinki, Finland
Panel about trends on the Global Market for Mobile Games

2016-08-30, Invigning av Fores Syd, Fores Syd, Malmö, Sweden
Interview on stage about the local games industry and its needs.

2016-07-05, Näringslivet och barns rättigheter – ansvarsfull marknadsföring, Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
Panel about marketing in games and how it affect children

2016-07-03, Är det barns ansvar att värja sig på den digitala arenan?, Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
Panel about video games and how they affect children

2016-05-17, Things that went wrong, Creative Coast Festival, Karlshamn, Sweden
Moderator of the panel about failure and learnings

2016-04-18, Industry insights from the Baltic Sea and Nordic Region, The Nordic Embassy, Berlin, Germany
Talk + Panel about the Games Industry around the Baltic Sea

2016-03-03, Den svenska kreativa sektorn, Högskolan Dalarna, Falun, Sweden
Talk about the Creative Industries in Sweden

2016-01-30, Kulturstudion, SVT2, Stockholm, Sweden
TV interview about games and gender and music


2015-11-20, Moralpanik, retorik och journalistik, Gothenburg Games, Gothenburg, Sweden
Panel about how Swedish media cover games and the games industry

2015-11-19, Spel och politik, Gothenburg Games, Gothenburg, Sweden
Interview on stage about the political needs of the games industry in Sweden

2015-11-18, Musikbranschen i siffror, Musiksverige, Stockholm, Sweden
2 panels about creative industries in Sweden in general and the success of the music industry in particular

2015-11-09, Kreativ sektor – Innehållsinnovation och internationell tillväxt i kreativa näringar, Stockholm, Sweden
Presentation of a new report on content innovation and international growth in creative industries

2015-11-04, Mastering the Game, Business and Legal Issues for Video Game Developers, WIPO/ Baltyk, Kraków, Poland
Talk and Panel about how to enter the market and make business in the Nordic region

2015-10-05, Barn och Internet, SVT, Stockholm, Sweden
Panel for the nationl public service company about children, internet and games

2015-09-28, Ungas dataspelande på gott och ont, Surfa Lugnt/Riksdagen, Stockholm, Sweden
Talk in the national parlament about children and games

2015-09-09, Invest i Games, Nasdaq/Dataspelsbranschen, Stockholm, Sweden
Moderator/Presenter for the first half of the annual Invest in Games event

2015-09-08, The Nordic Power Panel, PG Connect, Helsinki, Finland
Panel on the nordic games industry, representing Sweden

2015-09-08, The Success Story of Swedish Mobile Games, PG Connect, Helsinki, Finland
Talk about the Swedish Games Industry

2015-09-03, Det svenska spelundret, Digitalisering, gamification & 800 miljarder, Jönköping, Sweden
Talk about the history of Swedish Video Games and the Swedish games boom

2015-09-02, Future of Games Panel, STHLM Tech Fest, Stockholm
Moderator of the Future of Games Panel

2015-07-01, Hur kan en chef förändra en ojämställd kultur, Ledarna, Almedalen, Sweden
Panel about leadership in male dominated industries (construction and games) and how to attract more women with a better work environment

2015-06-29, Hemligheten bakom det svenska spelundret, Sveriges Ingenjörer, Almedalen, Sweden
Talk about the Swedish Games boom for the Swedish union of Engineers

2015-04-22, Apps World, Game Track, Berlin, Germany
Moderator/Chair of the day for the gaming track att Apps World during Berlin Games Week 2015