Johanna Nylander

During daytime I’m Head of Policy & Analytics at the Swedish Games Industry association. I have a Bachelor’s degree in video games development as a graphic designer, but my professional experience from the industry is in marketing. After a detour in politics and as an op-ed columnist and published author, I was recruited to Gameloft in Copenhagen as Senior Marketing & PR manager for the Nordic & Baltic market, managing local releases for over 50 games on mobile platforms. Today I’m happy to combine my passion for politics with the passion for video games working with policy and public affairs to create a better environment and international growth for Swedish game developers.

Outside of my daytime job, I’m a freelance writer (registered for F-skatt) with a regular biweekly column in three regional morning papers in the southern parts of Sweden; Ystads AllehandaKristianstadsbladet and Trelleborgs Allehanda. I also do talks, panels and moderator assignments, and I have done various works as a policy expert in different public settings.

I’m based in Malmö where I live with my husband and our two daughters.